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 Administration, Bookkeeping and VAT 
Our experienced staff use modern cloud based software, and electronic document 
storage, to provide highly effective administrative and bookkeeping support, that can save clients Time, and release them to focus on their business. 
The use of cloud technology means we can share this load to the extent that suits the client – for example, many clients like to manage their own customer billing, and let us manage expenditure, bank reconciliation’s and Vat returns. 
We also ensure that all related Vat and other returns are submitted correctly, and on time, giving clients peace of mind. 
 Payroll and Workplace Pensions 
Our experienced staff use modern cloud based software to provide cost effective support for the complete payroll process, including workplace pensions. 
We ensure all necessary returns are submitted on time, and we take care of any HMRC queries that arise. We can also manage the staff payments if required. 
We have pre-checked several Pension Providers, and currently work with one established provider that meets all the basic needs of an employer. We do however encourage employers to do their own research, and make sure the provider they choose is suitable for their needs. We are happy to work with any suitable providers. 
Our service is designed to free clients from the time, and hassle or payroll/pension administration, so they can focus on their business. 
 Company House Compliance 
Our Registered Address and Secretarial Service support covers most of the requirements relevant to owner managed businesses, and some larger corporates including branches of larger foreign entities. 
We take care of : 
New company incorporation, advising on the most appropriate shareholding and directorship structures where multiple owners are involved. 
Shareholders agreements where appropriate 
Annual Company Returns 
Shareholder and Director meeting minutes as required 
Dividend certificates 
We provide advice on the legal rights and obligations of shareholders and directors, and the requirements related to decision making, and statutory meetings etc. 
This often ignored area can sometimes create serious problems. Incorrect legal processes, or inadequate agreements between business owners, can create expensive legal disputes, or unwanted tax consequences. 
Our experienced support frees business owners form these risks, and also provides a much needed time saving. 
 Business Development & Outsourced FD 
For the ambitious business owner, who is starting to see some success, or who needs to ensure an investment is managed well, we can provide the support of a highly experienced FD, with many years at senior level in industry. 
This can take the form of ad-hoc work, such as : 
Development of a business plan to support a financing application 
Valuation work for acquisition, merger, or disposal 
Due diligence work 
Or – we can provide a part time/virtual FD resource, who is part of the business team, but operates the finance and associated tasks on an outsourced basis. This can be especially effective for foreign companies, who need strong financial control over a UK subsidiary or branch. 
This is a flexible service, and we can tailor according to the clients best needs. 
 Company Partnership & Personal Tax 
Our tax support covers all types of businesses, and personal tax situations. 
At all stages of business, from start-up to exit, we help ensure the key elements of an effective tax strategy are in place : 
Most appropriate legal structure (company, partnership, sole trader) 
Tax effective operating methods 
Transfer Pricing as appropriate 
Tax effective remuneration for the owners 
Full compliance with all of the appropriate tax types (vat, company tax, payroll tax, personal tax, capital gains tax etc). 
On time reporting and payment 
We cover most types of business including property landlords, holiday letting, investment portfolio income, etc. 
We take care of all HMRC queries and challenges, and carry full insurance to cover our work should HMRC choose to challenge a submission, or carry out an enquiry. 
Tax is a complex, and ever changing environment, and our expert support can save business owners time and money, whilst allowing them to focus on their business without anxiety. 
 Probate and Inheritance Tax 
The Probate process is something that most people may only experience once in their lives, as an executor, or beneficiary. 
As an alternative to leaving the whole process to a solicitor, or struggling along oneself, Thames Bridge offer a support service whereby we can help : 
to ensure the validity of the will, and that the right executors are in place 
in cases where there is no will, to ensure the right process is followed, and the right people are in place to manage 
understand the probate process, document needs, applications etc 
complete the Inheritance Tax forms as appropriate, following the correct valuation methods, and ensuring the correct reliefs are applied provide template letters if necessary 
In addition to dealing with Probate, we can also help in terms of Estate Planning, taking into account business ownership issues, and working together with Financial Planners and Advisors to secure the most effective outcome. 

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