Probate and Inheritance Tax

The Probate process is something that most people may only experience once in their lives, as an executor, or beneficiary.

As an alternative to leaving the whole process to a solicitor, or struggling along oneself, Thames Bridge offer a support service whereby we can help :


  • to ensure the validity of the will, and that the right executors are in place
  • in cases where there is no will, to ensure the right process is followed, and the right people are in place to manage
  • understand the probate process, document needs, applications etc
  • complete the Inheritance Tax forms as appropriate, following the correct valuation methods, and ensuring the correct reliefs are applied
  • provide template letters if necessary


In addition to dealing with Probate, we can also help in terms of Estate Planning, taking into account business ownership issues, and working together with Financial Planners and Advisors to secure the most effective outcome.

We are happy to discuss your needs – please give us a call, or drop us an email.

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